Monday, November 28, 2011

How it happened.......

Hey Babies, 

Well so sorry that I haven't written in a while but with the birth of our babies!! It was a big surprise Here is our boys birth story........

6:02 AM Chrystal has been sick pretty much all night, had food poisoning from her dinner/lunch at Applebee's. This sent her into early labor, when she went to bed that night she didn't know she would be in full labor when she woke up. 

6:20: Tell's her husband she is going to drive herself to the Er ( like many times over this pregnancy) Doesn't think that its really to important. Calls M. Mom and tells her that she is having labor pains. Thinking that they will be able to stop the labor. 

7:00 Am sharp: M. Mom calls me and tells me that Chrystal is in the Hospital and that we need to get there as soon as we can, she is in full labor and they are going to do a C-section and to hurry. 

7:20 we leave the house after flying around and waking up walking the dogs and getting in the car. We were so crazy running around like two chickens with our heads cut off!!!

7:33 We didn't have enough gas had to stop and get gas. 

8:20 Finally get to the Hospital and run into the room I get to change and lead to Chrystal as she is waiting for her C-section to begin. 
Hug and kiss Chrystal and they begin. 

8:42 AM B is the first out ( no sounds for 8 minutes) 
Little did we know that he was very sick and so easily we could have lost him. 

8:44 AM F is the second out and he has no noise for about 4 mintes. 

9:15 they let us in the room with the boys, Happy and scared at the same time. 

10:30 the transport team is there to take the boys away. I am a mess. Chrystal is great, Some family is there and that is so comforting, but I wish my mommy and Daddy were there. 

11:20 we are back at my house packing for the week. They tell us we will be there for a while. 

1:25 we go to the NICU where the babies were taken, we were told that they would be there until their due date. 

Day 27 at the Hospital housing and we are only down 1 month of at least three. It has been so hard to be alone down here without the hubs and my puppies. I do love the cuddle time and can't wait to hold them in the family room with the fire crackling and relaxing with their Daddy all snuggled in. I pray it wont snow until we get home and are home for good. 

They were only 28 weeks along when they were born and being here in the NICU has been hard and rewarding they are in the best hands they could be in. I have wanted to go home for a night but leaving my little men just isn't an option. My heart hurts when I am away from them. 

I will try and post as much as I can, please keep me us your heart and prayers. 


We had the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meet Mommy Monday.

Welcome to this weeks, Meet me Monday!!!!
1. Where do you escape to when you've had enough?
I go to my mom, no matter where she is I go to her.  She is my best friend and can talk me down when I am about to loose my shit. I mean that in the nicest way ever to be able to go to her.  If it is a place, it would have to be Cannon Beach I love it there and hope that one day the boys and Hubs and I get to move there.  
 2. What shows are you watching this fall? 
Once Upon a time, Two broke girls, House, up all night, 
Up all night gives me hope I wont mess up either of my boys as much as I thought it would.

3. What was the longest roadtrip you've ever taken and where did you go?
When my parents too me to Disney through vegas, Palm springs, Arizona and ended up in Lake Tahoe. It was the last big family trip we took I was 14 and was loving life. 
4. Do you plan on taking your kids to Disney World?
As many times that I can... I will make my boy's be as Disney crazy as me!
5. What is something people would surprised to know about you?
that I don't like to sleep with any lights coming in unless its day time then it is no big deal at night. I also I didn't want a PB&J for years hated them then I tried it and I was like holly crap that is good!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tempt my tummy Tuesday

Hey Babies, 

Mommy is going to make yummy food for you, when you are old enough.  Today Auntie Erin and I went to the craft store and we found the fabric and the patterns for the cloth diapers that Mommy wants to make and Auntie Erin bought the book for me!! I am going to be a domestic goddess and try to be the best mommy you could ever have. 

                  It's tempt my tummy Tuesday!!!

1 acorn or butternut squash

1 step. Cut acorn or butternut squash in half, scoop out seeds

2nd. step Place halves face down in a pan and cover with an inch of water

3rd step Bake in a 400 degree oven for 40 minutes to 1 hour - be sure the “shell/skin” puckers and halves feel soft then scoop squash “meat” out of the shell

4th. step Place squash "meat" into your choice of appliance for pureeing and begin pureeing.

5th Step. Add water as necessary to achieve a smooth, thin consistency.

You can also peel the squash, scoop out the seeds and then cut into chunks and boil/steam until tender (like when boiling potatoes for mashed potatoes) then follow steps 4 and 5 - this way is most difficult however and rather time consuming. Make sure you make enough for you to enjoy!! We always add apples to ours and then some brown sugar! These foods are good for 4-6 month olds and can be frozen easily!

You can also do my favorite tip add these in a Ice cube tray so that 
its the perfect amount for your babies!!! < Enjoy! <

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Worldless Wednesday...........

Hey Babies, 

Today is wordless Wednesday and I am going to share a picture that goes with the fall theme and the apples and just beautifully haunting. 

Mommy loves you two so much, I will try and be calm and enjoy this little bit of time that is left without you!!!!!! ( but I can't wait for you to come join us in this adventure we call life, although my life hasn't began yet either.)


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tempt my tummy Tuesday

Hey Babies, 

So today is tempt your tummy Tuesday and because I am starting to make your baby food and freeze it I thought that is where I will start this weekly blog post so lets tempt your tummy!

I have been collecting used baby food jars, cleaned and after the apple sauce was made, Because this is for the babies I didn't ad sugar, they wont need it and if I or my husband want to add some sugar we can to taste later.  If you are going to do this as baby food make sure you leave some room for it to freeze and un freeze so it wont break the glass.  Have fun!! Next week smashed Nannas! :) 
(thank you photobucket for the pictures)
  • 4 apples - peeled, cored and chopped
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup white sugar ( I left this out )
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Directions * You can also do a few different ways depending on what you want to do. I have tried them all but this is a personal choice.*

  1. In a saucepan, combine apples, water, sugar, and cinnamon. Cover, and cook over medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes, or until apples are soft. Allow to cool, then mash with a fork or potato masher. 
  2. This time I used the 30+ lb bag of apples from our apple tree that NEED to get used up so I took a chance and QUADRUPLED this recipe. My only change I used a more apples than called for (6-7 apples X 4). I now have an economical recipe for applesauce that tastes wonderful and EVERYONE loves! 
  3. I have often used my slow cooker. It takes about 4-41/2 hours on high. There is no need to mash the apples, they mushed on their own. 

Meet me Monday...

Hey Babies, 

We just came to the 26th week mark on Saturday. I can not believe how close we are getting to holding each of you....Next Saturday is the first of four showers that are being thrown in your honor. We are looking forward to seeing all those cute baby boy stuff. 

I'm trying to be a better blogger both on here and on my Kingstongirl blog. So please bare with me as I try to put things together. 

        So welcome to meet me Monday!

1. What do you do when you have time to yourself?
When I have time to myself I go to the beach or a long drive.  I don't really like time by myself I love to be with someone most of the time. I love spending time with my hubs. But if I wanted time by myself that long drive would turn into a day rain, snow, sun, I wouldn't care what the weather is like, as long as I end up at the Ocean. 

2. When you look out your kitchen window, what do you see?
I see my beautiful view of the inlet of the Hood canal and the foulweather bluff. I see my back yard and my deck that in the summer get's more sun then anywhere else. I love this window and looking out it makes doing the dishes ( we do not have a dishwasher)  I look forward to watching the boys play for hours in this back yard as I do the dishes.
 3. Who/What would you want to be reincarnated as?
I would want to be reincarnated as my dog Sophie, no other dog has ever been so loved. She is missed everyday. I would want to make sure  that my parents would own me if I did come back as Sophie. I would love to just eat and sit and have my tummy rubbed, I loved Sophie so much and I would do anything to have her back. I miss her every day but yes she is who I would want to come back as. 

 4. What is your biggest pet peeve about other people's kids?
No manners, when kids have no manners it is like fingers to the chalk board. When children don't answer adults that ask them a question not to mention, that they don't take the time to look up from that video game.
5. Regular or Diet soda?

Diet coke. It is at least a 6 can a day at least habit. I have been this bad for years. I can stop but two days into stopping I get a bad headache and so I would rather keep drinking it! Despite the warning signs.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still cooking.

Dear Babies, 

I have never felt so excited and so happy in my life. The idea of holding the two of you is so exciting. We get to see you two times a month until the end of November then we get to see you every week. When we do the stress test that is going to be the first time that we can hear your heartbeats.  I read the other day that all we need to do is put a stethoscope to Auntie Chrystal's tummy we would be able to hear your heartbeats. 

Daddy might have gotten a regular shift so we are excited to hear about that.  Grandma & I have bought you guys clothes and they are so cute. I am still trying very hard to do what I can to buy second hand and on craigslist doing this will help us as a family be able to do so many other things with that money! 

Here are some pictures that Auntie Erin took the other day of mommy and Auntie Chrystal and her belly with the two of you in them.
Auntie Chrystal told me the other day that you are jumping and kicking so much so daddy said you are both already getting ready to play foot ball or playing for the Sounders soccer team!
We love you boys!! Keep being good and keep cooking! :) 


Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Babies,                 

What do you think you will be?
 We got the news of what you two are today.
I am now the proud Mommy of 
two twin boys!!!

We have names picked out but we are not going to share them
everyone I know is having baby boys so we are 
not wanting our names to be stolen. 

So until the boys are born
they will be known as 
Edward & Jacob :) 
Yes I am a twilight freak :) 
until I was told that the boys were boys, I didn't know how much I wanted to be a mommy to two boys. I am such a girlie girl that I thought I wanted pink princess and barbies and dolls and girls weekends. I thought that is what I wanted until I was told..............
You are the proud mommy to be of two boys....
then all I could think of was
Star wars, Camping, ball games, building forts, 
toy cars and trucks, 
Pirates & Cowboys, 
Sleeping under the stars.
raising little men into men that treat their wives 
in the way that they should. 
I do promise that these two boys will be MAMA's boys! 
Now I wouldn't want anything buy these two boys! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dear Babies, 

I seem to find that time is going by so fast!
I use to think that I would have a ton of time to write. 
Well the past few weeks seem like they have flown by in a blur. 

It's summer time isn't that the meaning of the relaxing season? 
to soak up the sun, 
go on long car rides, 
lay around at the beach and read?

Well this summer I have not been able to one of those things.
My husband works for a state company that hasn't hired in 
two years and with more and more people retiring 
there isn't enough people to cover shifts at his work, 
so this summer we haven't done anything we planned to do.

We wanted to have this last summer filled with things we loved to do just us. 
You know before the babies get here.
So I want to plan a weekend in October for Hubs & I
to get away one last time before the rush
of the twins! 

When I write those last two words I giggle. 
The Twins! 
I am so blessed.

Tomorrow is our next appointment for the babies I will post the pics and tell you all about it tomorrow. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Babies, 

Well we have been so busy with Doctors appointments. 
Family get together, Holidays, birthdays, 
All these wonderful events that summer seems to bring. 
Baby A 

We are fast coming into the 12th week.
Two weeks ago we had a scare and Chrystal had to 
stay a few hours in then ER because of some bleeding.
They didn't want to tell me in fear I would freak out....
well I held it together until I talked to my Mom, 
then I lost it. 
Baby B
I learned alot more about the two of you when you were 
in the ER that day. We thought 
baby A was so much bigger then Baby B.
Then we found out that Baby B is normal size and is very healthy...
Baby A is 2 days ahead of baby B!
This is going be so fun to watch.

Our next appointment is on July 11th and we can't wait. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our love story.......

Our love story started in 1978 when we were both 6 months old. When we were waiting with our Mom’s to get our 6 month pictures taken. This will be the first of many near misses. 
1982 came around and our moms took a garden class at the old Bainbrige Gardens where now the Chevron station stands. I played with a little boy and a his younger sister, thinking back at it & talking to his mom and mine, it came to me that Chris was the little boy I was playing with. 

The next one was in 1995, I was in the 11th grade he was a senior for a quarter, at North my high school then he transfered back to Bainbridge.  During that time he was in 1st period, & sat right next to my best Friend Tiffany, who at the time was dating his best friend Kevin. We never met the entire time that he was in her class. To make it crazier we were in the same class room area with just a small wall between us. TIffany didn’t want to introduce Chris and I, she thought he wouldn’t have been my type! :)
In 1997 I was working in the Galley on the morning shift on the Bainbridge to Seattle run. He went through my ferry line at least once a week, never noticing him or him noticing me this went on for a year. 
Finally in 1999 I had been working as a ferry worker when in walked Chris. 
I was able to show him around and when I met him for the first time my heart skipped a beat. I was together with someone else and he was as well. Working together we became the best of friends. 
I found out about some serious health problems, the same time that Chris’s first marriage ended.  I was told I need a hysterectomy and he was there bringing me flowers and visiting me the very next day. More health problems came my way.  Life went on and I moved into my first place while still sick Chris would get soup & come check on my fire to make sure that I had a warm house. over each day that we spent together, movies at home with a dinner he cooked me, a trip to Seattle to go to a game or go shopping. No matter what it was we did it together. Before long we were madly in love!  
On Christmas eve, my Grandma’s family get together all of us under one roof, all 228 of us!!! We still keep growing.... When Santa called me up to get a gift, thinking my Dad was trying to make me turn bright red in front of Chris and nothing else,  everyone must have known because there were about 100 cameras taking pictures. Now Santa handed me a beautiful box at the same time Chris got on one knee and asked me to be his wife, his best friend and his partner in crime.
That May we got married at the Forever Grand Chapel in Las Vegas. It was perfect although not to many people were able to come to the wedding we had a nice reception back home. Next year we are hoping that we will go back and celebrate our ten year down there!! 
Always wanting to become parents but knowing  that we couldn’t, we looked at many avenues and road blocks came up every single time. With my health problems we just couldn’t become parents.  Always a void in our hearts we were happy to be Auntie & Uncle to many children, but it never felt like our hearts were full. 
With our 9 years of marriage we have obeyed our vows, at times we have been poor, rich, in good health and poor, have had good times and bad, We have owned a home, lived with my parents, and moved right around 17 times. Always doing what we needed to do for our family of two. No matter what we have laughed though tears. The entire time side by side with our love for one another never weakened  
but it made us and our relationship stronger. 
Friday we go in to the PNW Fertility clinic. Together with my Cousin Chrystal her sister and my best friend Erin, and my husbands best friend Jeff, to do our transfer of our Embryos. A gift from God, learning in December that they had saved my eggs before they did my Hysterectomy!!! Chris was a green like with his part & a few weeks later our babies were made. Now we get to watch the spark of out child being conceived in Chrystal’s womb. In 9 months we will be able to hold that child of ours we have always wished upon a star for. No other man in the world would I want to be a father of my baby. 
We are soulmates made to raise a little human together. To complete our family of two to become a family of four!! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Will be back after this Commercial Break.

I will be taking a break for the weekend. I should have posted this post last Monday. Sorry I am taking a little time to get this little writers block a rest!
So Check back Monday!
Lots of love, 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ultra sound...

Dear babies, 

We went to the appointment in Seattle today seeing the two of you on the screen for the first time was more emotional then I truly thought it would be. When I saw your heats beating it made me so happy that I cried and cried and cried some more. 

The two of you are in my heart forever. Baby B is so much bigger then baby A, but I know you will grow and catch up fast. I can't wait for the next few weeks to go even faster so that I can hear your hearts beat!!! Each time I get your pictures will bring me so much joy knowing I am that much closer to meeting you! 

I can not wait to be your mommy. I decided because Auntie is carrying you we will need to do what she came up with and that is recording stories we read or talking to you and playing our music that we love. I will also have Gramsie and Papa read on it as well.  We are so blessed to have you in our life already we want to make sure you always know that. 

+love you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My quest to be the best mommy.

Dear Babies, 

I'm sitting here thinking of what kind of mommy I am going to be. Reading a ton of books and thinking of what I can do to become the best savvy mommy that you can have.  I'm wanting to try to keep the lifestyle that we had when we were both working full time. 

This means I'm going to be a coupon clipping diva! Trying hard to do the extra steps to save money in places that will be leaving us extra money in other places to help out in our families budget. 

I'm always looking for all the deals I can find for the nursery, for the toys you play with, clothes you wear, things for the house! I think in the house we have bought maybe a hand full of things new the rest have been on craigslist,garage sales, or event good will. 

I'm a thrifty person and now I am going to be thrifty even more.  In a world where its hard to make ends meat and the economy is horrible for every single person. With us bringing two new lives into the world we have to be more thrifty then we ever have been in our lives. 

People are such naysayers. These are things I am going to do, give it my all.  We will be using cloth diapers!!! Yes I will be. I have ran into many people including your Daddy that don't want me to do this, but when I look at the total cost and what it does to the environment, now I am not a tree hugging garnola. But I do think that everyone should do their part. With that being said, my twins if they are anything like this side of the family they will shit ALOT! So it is only really a small thing to do to help the earth leave two huge diaper filled landfills. 
Then next thing I'm going to do is make all my own baby food. When we go visit your auntie Allie in Eastern Washington we will get fruit and veggies. I will be learning to can fruit and veggies, I will be buying a food dehydrator and doing what I can to save food by dehydrating. Also I'm going to put together a cooking group where 12 of us ladies will get together once a month and make 2 different dishes x 12 so we can have meals pre-pared for most of the month.  I know that this will help us and other families as well. 

I will be the crazy coupon lady and have found some really great friends that blog and I am super excited to learn these wonderful things. We did our first savings and I got BBQ sauce and laundry soap for free! 
I will share what I get deals on and my savvy-ness 

I hope you will continue to watch me grow as a better person in my quest to being the best mommy I can be. 

+Love you,
   Mommy +

Friday, May 27, 2011

At the ocean

Dear babies,

I'm sitting here with your grandma, watching the waves crash upon the shore in beautiful Cannon beach Oregon, the sun is shining on the waves and making them look like the color of sea glass. It is so amazing and beautiful. So many kids are playing on the beach. There were a few kids yesterday playing in the sand and flying kites, it made me dream of what it will be like with the two of you!
I know that we will do many things together and many traditions will be made. I have been thinking of them lately. Traditions that I have done all of my life and some that I would like to start with you. The ocean has always been a place that we have gone. So next summer over the 4th of July weekend you guys, daddy, grams,and papa will come down here! We will let you play and watch the waves and it will make us laugh with your 6 month old creepy crawly on the beach!!
I dream of the two of you as a boy and girl like this playing on the beach! It would be great to have you each so very different.
 Or two of you just alike sleeping soundly as the wave splash on the shore. As Mommy & Daddy or Mommy and Gransie, as we read a new book and take in some sun.
Other traditions that I would like us to do is celebrating your half birthdays, once a month for the rest of your lives we will do Sunday dinners. Every night we will try hard to eat at the table, no TV going so we can all have a chance to talk. On Christmas eve we will do it with Gramsie & Papa. Then in the morning we will make a big breakfast and take the time to enjoy it. It bothers me so much that it is such a rush and it goes by so fast that I want to savor every minute. 

Camping trips are a must in this family! We will celebrate your half birthdays! Oh there is so much more to celebrate and make traditions but I will keep writing them down on here so I don't forget! 

No matter what we will always be close, I learned how to be best friends with my child like I am with your Papa & Gramsie, it means the world to me to be as close to them as I am. There is nothing more that I want then the same relationship I have with them as I do with the two of you. You will be my children first but will always be able to come to me and tell me anything and I might not love what you are telling me I will always sit and listen.

Oh the fun things that we will do...I love you two so much!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Babies, 

Well tomorrow marks three weeks that we did the transfer for you little ones. You are growing stronger everyday. We did two blood tests this week and you made it so Auntie Chrystal had high levels in her blood work meaning that we are having a the two of you. We will make sure that your both in there and you are both healthy. 

Tomorrow is your Daddy's and my 9th wedding anniversary. We have so much to celebrate with 9 years behind us and the gift of being your parents. We toasted to 9 years and the two of you!!

We really can't wait to hold you and get to spend all these wonderful moments with you forever. 

Love you 

Monday, May 16, 2011

TWINS???!!! REALLY????!!!???

Dear Babies G, 

Yes you read that right! We will be the proud parents of beautiful babies. I am hoping that we can have one of each. Two for the price of one. It is truly more important to have two very healthy babies. 

I had nightmares all night last night that they were going to call us and tell us that we were no longer pregnant, I tossed and turned all night and woke up looking at the phone just waiting. to see a missed call saying its over. 

Well we got the call that we have a healthy positive pregnancy. The numbers should normally be 100 ours are 350! Twins? I asked and she said yes! more then 99.9 percent. Oh baby! We have a second blood draw on Wednesday to see how high the levels are then. We are 6 weeks along today and we have a December 23rd due date!!!! Its a guess with twins but that is my best friend and sister Erin and her husband Carl's anniversary!  So that would be a good day and our first day at home could be Christmas? Wow! Now I am thinking they need Christmas-ie middle names? Holly, Noel, Carol, Chris??

Well I am so very thankful that I can get the chance to have both my babies made it!  It means that on their birthdays they get to watch them spark into this world. Not to many babies have that!