Friday, May 27, 2011

At the ocean

Dear babies,

I'm sitting here with your grandma, watching the waves crash upon the shore in beautiful Cannon beach Oregon, the sun is shining on the waves and making them look like the color of sea glass. It is so amazing and beautiful. So many kids are playing on the beach. There were a few kids yesterday playing in the sand and flying kites, it made me dream of what it will be like with the two of you!
I know that we will do many things together and many traditions will be made. I have been thinking of them lately. Traditions that I have done all of my life and some that I would like to start with you. The ocean has always been a place that we have gone. So next summer over the 4th of July weekend you guys, daddy, grams,and papa will come down here! We will let you play and watch the waves and it will make us laugh with your 6 month old creepy crawly on the beach!!
I dream of the two of you as a boy and girl like this playing on the beach! It would be great to have you each so very different.
 Or two of you just alike sleeping soundly as the wave splash on the shore. As Mommy & Daddy or Mommy and Gransie, as we read a new book and take in some sun.
Other traditions that I would like us to do is celebrating your half birthdays, once a month for the rest of your lives we will do Sunday dinners. Every night we will try hard to eat at the table, no TV going so we can all have a chance to talk. On Christmas eve we will do it with Gramsie & Papa. Then in the morning we will make a big breakfast and take the time to enjoy it. It bothers me so much that it is such a rush and it goes by so fast that I want to savor every minute. 

Camping trips are a must in this family! We will celebrate your half birthdays! Oh there is so much more to celebrate and make traditions but I will keep writing them down on here so I don't forget! 

No matter what we will always be close, I learned how to be best friends with my child like I am with your Papa & Gramsie, it means the world to me to be as close to them as I am. There is nothing more that I want then the same relationship I have with them as I do with the two of you. You will be my children first but will always be able to come to me and tell me anything and I might not love what you are telling me I will always sit and listen.

Oh the fun things that we will do...I love you two so much!!


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