Thursday, March 31, 2011

It takes three.....

 Yesterday we got up at O' dark 30, Chrystal got here at 4:30Am so that we could be on the 5:20 boat, being on a later boat would bring us to the appointment too late.  We got to the Doctors about 45 minutes early.  Chrystal and I sat in the lobby working on our date books updating when and where we have to be when we have to be there. 
Then we were in and out for our appointment, A few hours later we got a call that everything looks perfect! The ultra sound & blood work looked great. We are well on our way to the perfect baby making! 

Next appointment is the 13th! loving that its taking off in such a great way. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nothing to much new.......

Dear Baby G, 

Today I got to meet one of my favorite Authors, Kristin Hannah. The local author that did a book signing at the Loft in Poulsbo, My favorite book store put it on, the owner Suzanne is wonderful. I can't wait to take you to story time there. For you to pick out books when we go down town Poulsbo. My dream and hope is that we are able to show you the love of books. I hope that you will read fast like your daddy. Not slow like me. I love to read and throw myself into books but it does take forever to read cover to cover. 

Kristin Hannah, is from Bainbridge Island. Most of her stories are around the PNW. Her new book is has twins. Now we know that it is a very good chance that we might have twins. I have some pretty different feelings about having twins. 
I know this is a one time thing. That we have once chance to have this family, to have you. 

On one hand I love being an only child to not have to share anything or worry about fighting over my parents attention. I love the closeness we have. I wonder if I would have had a sister or brother if I would be as close with my parents? That finance's would be easier to raise one child. We could give you anything your heart desires to have. 

On the other hand, we again only get one time to build this family. In saying that I would love to have more then one child, for you to have someone to share things with, to have that rich family history and inside jokes that you would only be able to share with a sister or brother. That you wouldn't have to be alone in the world when your Daddy and I pass away. That you always have someone you can talk to about your Daddy & I and how messed up you are because of us. :) 

I know that Chrystal with her text book Uterus has a big chance with carrying twins. The best gift I will ever receive on your Daddy and my 9th wedding anniversary is to know if we are having one of you or two. So on May 20th that is when we find out if you are alone in there or if you have company in there with you. 

Sweet dreams my love,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The 80's prom.....thank God for family & friends...

Dear Baby G, 

When we left the office the first time, we both wanted to do whatever we could to make the money so that we could bring you into this world.  We brain stormed for our entire walk from the Hospital down to the ferry dock.  Finally we came up with a plan, your Daddy would sell his Kidney on the black market.....No just kidding we would do something more fun then that! What you ask? An 80's prom. I will add more pictures to this post as they come in but enjoy the ones we put up right now! 

The 80's prom was so much fun! We sold tickets in many locations and we were able to sell a fair amount of them.  

We had Uncle Jeff and his band play for us and a great guy name Jim came and blasted the 80's music when the band was on break. The place we held the prom at was at the Eagles hall in Poulsbo and we didn't have to decorate to much because this lodge is in a constant time warp of being trapped into the 80's already!   
The Olympic photo group came and set up and took some really fun pictures of the people that were there in their crazy get ups! It was so much fun I couldn't get the smile off my face the entire night. 
You see my sweet baby of mine, you are not just wanted from Mommy and Daddy but an entire community of friends, family and loved ones that want you as part of their world as well. You aren't even here yet my love, yet you are wanted, needed and loved so very much.  You have Grandparents that are so excited to have you & to hold you and watch as you grow. 

You have Aunts and Uncle's and cousins that can't wait for you to be a part of our family.  Our close friends are excited to pay back the favor of having them be "aunties & uncles" to you like we have been to their children for so many years. 

Our hearts are ready for you! We love you so much already and just the idea of you fills me like I have never been filled before.  I have yet to feel this much hope and joy. Waiting for you is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but you will be worth all the waiting. 

Love always, 
Your mommy.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our first post to waiting for Baby G......Catching you up......

Welcome to my personal blog. This is going to be where I write about all the emotions that will come to becoming a parents through IVF. If you are just coming to this blog and finding out about this now, let me tell you the journey it has been to get us just to this point in our lives. 

In 5th grade when we did career day, I did my report on being a Mommy.  Two months before my 20th birthday I had to have a Hysterectomy with all those dreams being shattered. I knew that things would work out and being a pretty stupid. 19 year old, I didn't really know that this was what I would feel like years after this surgery. 

I was the crazy kissing girl that would run around and kiss and hug and love all the little kids in my family or in school..! Every adult that was a family friend of my parents or was part of our large family was loved by me and in my every day life now I love whole heartedly & sometimes to a fault but I would rather not be any other way then to love deeply! 

A few years past after my surgery when I met my husband Chris. He changed my world, being able to have a family with him was my hearts desire. We tried several different ways that we could to become a family. After years and years of doors being shut in our face with our dreams of becoming parents lessening with each door that shut.  Then an idea that started with a friend wanting to carry a baby for us, but after some thought and checking into a few things, we found out that it wasn't going to workout. I was talking about it one December night with my cousins  Sisters and Chrystal come up with the idea that she would want to do. Thinking that it was just blowing smoke, and very sweet that she would "say" such a nice thing...... Then my phone rang and she had talked to her Doctor and had the green light to do this. In shock we thought we knew everything we were told from the hear say of what a person would need to make a baby this way..... Boy we were wrong!

So Chris and I went to the PNW fertility clinic and meet with our Dr, & Resa the girl that keeps everything all together, and the finance lady that needs to be paid before we can even think of the babies to be a reality.  When we went to see what it is like to have the embryos transplant. A strike of a match light is what you see when the embryo attaches to the Uterus.  At that moment I knew that this had to work that this was the way in which we would become parents! 

All those closed doors and tears and heartache all lead me to this moment. To this baby of mine, you see if all those un answered prayers would have been answered this baby or babies that we are about to bring into this world would have never come to be. I'm blessed that Chris and I are going to be parents and look into tiny faces that will look back at us, we will be able to see his eyes or my nose, my fingers and his toes, brown eyes of mine with his hints of redness in their hair from him, grandpa's rut in her forehead like my Dad or the smile from my mommy. I look forward to many wonderful babies and a strong and wonderful family bond that they are being born into. 

With all the up & downs that have already come in this crazy world of IVF. I'm not someone that likes to wait and this is making me wait. I have no control on anything that is happening. This is a blog that I will be sharing everything about the IVF from start to finish. Then we will be writing about the motherhood & baby raising. I hope you enjoy this blog. 

Today Chrystal starts her meds!!! Having three people to make a baby. Chrystal is a strong wonderful women a mommy to two beautiful children. She is my cousin and her family is so important to me and Chris & I feel so blessed to be such a big part of that family as well.  Over the next few months you will hear a lot and see a lot of wonderful and amazing things about our families.... Prayers, happy thoughts and blessings please end our way! 


Mommy G