Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still cooking.

Dear Babies, 

I have never felt so excited and so happy in my life. The idea of holding the two of you is so exciting. We get to see you two times a month until the end of November then we get to see you every week. When we do the stress test that is going to be the first time that we can hear your heartbeats.  I read the other day that all we need to do is put a stethoscope to Auntie Chrystal's tummy we would be able to hear your heartbeats. 

Daddy might have gotten a regular shift so we are excited to hear about that.  Grandma & I have bought you guys clothes and they are so cute. I am still trying very hard to do what I can to buy second hand and on craigslist doing this will help us as a family be able to do so many other things with that money! 

Here are some pictures that Auntie Erin took the other day of mommy and Auntie Chrystal and her belly with the two of you in them.
Auntie Chrystal told me the other day that you are jumping and kicking so much so daddy said you are both already getting ready to play foot ball or playing for the Sounders soccer team!
We love you boys!! Keep being good and keep cooking! :) 



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