Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Babies,                 

What do you think you will be?
 We got the news of what you two are today.
I am now the proud Mommy of 
two twin boys!!!

We have names picked out but we are not going to share them
everyone I know is having baby boys so we are 
not wanting our names to be stolen. 

So until the boys are born
they will be known as 
Edward & Jacob :) 
Yes I am a twilight freak :) 
until I was told that the boys were boys, I didn't know how much I wanted to be a mommy to two boys. I am such a girlie girl that I thought I wanted pink princess and barbies and dolls and girls weekends. I thought that is what I wanted until I was told..............
You are the proud mommy to be of two boys....
then all I could think of was
Star wars, Camping, ball games, building forts, 
toy cars and trucks, 
Pirates & Cowboys, 
Sleeping under the stars.
raising little men into men that treat their wives 
in the way that they should. 
I do promise that these two boys will be MAMA's boys! 
Now I wouldn't want anything buy these two boys! 


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