Monday, November 28, 2011

How it happened.......

Hey Babies, 

Well so sorry that I haven't written in a while but with the birth of our babies!! It was a big surprise Here is our boys birth story........

6:02 AM Chrystal has been sick pretty much all night, had food poisoning from her dinner/lunch at Applebee's. This sent her into early labor, when she went to bed that night she didn't know she would be in full labor when she woke up. 

6:20: Tell's her husband she is going to drive herself to the Er ( like many times over this pregnancy) Doesn't think that its really to important. Calls M. Mom and tells her that she is having labor pains. Thinking that they will be able to stop the labor. 

7:00 Am sharp: M. Mom calls me and tells me that Chrystal is in the Hospital and that we need to get there as soon as we can, she is in full labor and they are going to do a C-section and to hurry. 

7:20 we leave the house after flying around and waking up walking the dogs and getting in the car. We were so crazy running around like two chickens with our heads cut off!!!

7:33 We didn't have enough gas had to stop and get gas. 

8:20 Finally get to the Hospital and run into the room I get to change and lead to Chrystal as she is waiting for her C-section to begin. 
Hug and kiss Chrystal and they begin. 

8:42 AM B is the first out ( no sounds for 8 minutes) 
Little did we know that he was very sick and so easily we could have lost him. 

8:44 AM F is the second out and he has no noise for about 4 mintes. 

9:15 they let us in the room with the boys, Happy and scared at the same time. 

10:30 the transport team is there to take the boys away. I am a mess. Chrystal is great, Some family is there and that is so comforting, but I wish my mommy and Daddy were there. 

11:20 we are back at my house packing for the week. They tell us we will be there for a while. 

1:25 we go to the NICU where the babies were taken, we were told that they would be there until their due date. 

Day 27 at the Hospital housing and we are only down 1 month of at least three. It has been so hard to be alone down here without the hubs and my puppies. I do love the cuddle time and can't wait to hold them in the family room with the fire crackling and relaxing with their Daddy all snuggled in. I pray it wont snow until we get home and are home for good. 

They were only 28 weeks along when they were born and being here in the NICU has been hard and rewarding they are in the best hands they could be in. I have wanted to go home for a night but leaving my little men just isn't an option. My heart hurts when I am away from them. 

I will try and post as much as I can, please keep me us your heart and prayers. 



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