Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dear Babies, 

I seem to find that time is going by so fast!
I use to think that I would have a ton of time to write. 
Well the past few weeks seem like they have flown by in a blur. 

It's summer time isn't that the meaning of the relaxing season? 
to soak up the sun, 
go on long car rides, 
lay around at the beach and read?

Well this summer I have not been able to one of those things.
My husband works for a state company that hasn't hired in 
two years and with more and more people retiring 
there isn't enough people to cover shifts at his work, 
so this summer we haven't done anything we planned to do.

We wanted to have this last summer filled with things we loved to do just us. 
You know before the babies get here.
So I want to plan a weekend in October for Hubs & I
to get away one last time before the rush
of the twins! 

When I write those last two words I giggle. 
The Twins! 
I am so blessed.

Tomorrow is our next appointment for the babies I will post the pics and tell you all about it tomorrow. 


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