Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hit and run and tears!

Dear Baby G, 

Monday was the day of laughs and tears! Auntie Chrystal & I went to the Clinic again for the 4th ultrasound.. We got on the road at 7:00 AM got in the ferry lane and waited to drive on board. The same paper guy selling the news from a front pack. Never stopping he goes up and down the lanes on the dock. 

We drove up the steep hills of Seattle the same route we take every week, this time I didn't slip as we went up because of the rain and poor traction on the tires.  Again as if it was ground hogs day, I went to the side road and parked... wait a second I need to explain what parked meant. I tried to park in a sight that I had to park in between two other parked cars.

 It took my 6 or 7 times to make it, then panic set in with a car trying to get past me.  I very so slightly hit the car behind me!! Now I threw it into park & we just laughed and laughed almost until the point that we peed our pants. One thing is for sure it was a good thing you weren't in Auntie's tummy or she really would have peed her pants. Yes if you must know the Alarm was beeping and bleeping like we just tried to steal the hope diamond from the Titanic.  

We got to the waiting room & two minutes later they called us back. when our Doctor came in the room we had a little girl talk. This is the first time we have seen in two months. We got started & we were so quiet waiting for her to say once again that it wasn't ready.... You could hear a pin drop and our hearts pounding! 

Then with a big smile she said it looked perfect!!!!!!!!!! Then we sat down in Resa's office and she made our date for the Transfer! Sitting there trying to remain collected All of a sudden I couldn't keep it in.
All of a sudden, tears were running down my cheeks, it felt like a dam had been broke. Of course that set the ball in motion and Auntie was crying now as well.  With the news Resa gave us she told us that we will be making you next Friday!!!!! I am super excited to have these next few weeks behind us. 

I know it feel like time is standing here, sitting here waiting is going to kill me! Perhaps this is the big reason why I am filling the days to the brim with so many wonderful things for me to do. 

Love you little one! <
Mommy :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ART 3: IVF & Embryo Transfer (Infertility Treatment)

Dear Baby G, 

People have asked what we have done to get you? Things are so crazy with trying to rap my head around everything and we laugh at How little we all knew at the first part of this. So I found some things for people to watch and listen and hope that it tries to make sense, I Hope this will help you get a small idea of what we are going through.! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little set back....

Dear Baby G, 

Hello little one. Today Chrystal & I went to the Doctor to check everything out. We got on a little bit later ferry boat the 7:05 AM. After our first visit we decided to stop and get a muffin or two, then grab a coffee and visit on the 35 minute ferry ride. 

We drove up the steep hills of down town to Seattle, to the side street coin parking, found the same spot we always get to park in. Then we made our way up to the 10th floor. 

This waiting room has been a place we have spent many hours in, sitting there and waiting, for all the things we need to learn, the hours waiting to see if things worked, and for all the hours it took to make you into you! 

We have been working with Resa Schell the ARNP and Our DoctorLora Shahine, who is amazing. When you feel like you are going to be meeting up with two of your girlfriends for coffee that is when you know you have been to the best place to make babies.... 

We went to this appointment to check to see that things in the "Oven" were quiet and thick. Well things were quiet but not thick, so now Chrystal has to give herself even more shots and take even more med's. I hate that she has to do more medicines. 

So feeling a little down when we left the Doctors office, we are now two weeks behind what we thought but we do have new dates and we are all happy about them, So you are going to be coming out of the Oven a little longer your due date is now 1/14/12 :) unless you are two then you are due 12/24/11. 

I know one thing, next week we go in on Thursday & they will tell us everything is perfect so we will go back in a week, and the transfer will happen. No matter what we are so excited to have you and this is going to teach Mama that I need to be patient. I am so not good at that. 

Love you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Filling some time.

Dear Baby G, 

By this time next week we have our last Ultrasound, for a while.. 
Then some pretty exciting things happen after that. We are making some changes around the house, I'm giving up my big craftroom/office and trading it for the Nursery/guest room. A place that when Daddy has to work a night shift or a early shift and your not being quiet I can stay with you.  I look forward to laying in bed watching you sleep. I think my favorite time of day is when we take a nap together.  

We have been hearing a lot of wonderful baby news over the past few weeks. so many of our friends and family are having babies right around the same time as we are having you. I'm looking forward to baby play dates. We will have some really fun times with all your new friends! 

We know what we are going to name you! We have names for a boy and for a girl. We wont tell the world yet but closer to your due date. 
The Nursery has me planning and planning some more. I have the colors now I just need to work out the theme. I'm pretty excited for all these fun things. I really wish your Auntie Amy & Auntie Tina lived closer. It would be fun to do these things with them..  I have so many questions. 

I started doing your family history on your Daddy's side this week we thought that it would be a great thing to do while we are waiting for you. As a freelance writer it might be something fun for me to be able to research about history. I think it will be fun to share this with your Auntie Tina & the rest of the family as well. There isn't alot that your Daddy and his brothers and sisters know about the G side but this will be a wonderful thing that can help our family become even closer. I think it would be so much fun to do this together. 

It's spring time & We went and got some pretty flowers, I'm doing so many things in the yard. Your Daddy is adding a patio and I'm going to work all summer putting away some money so that we can have a play house and swing set for you to play on. I know we have a long time till you can play on them but we do have your cousins that would enjoy it till you are ready. Daddy says he wants you to have a baby swing this time next year.  I know that I'm doing whatever I can to make this time pass as we are waiting for you.  Grandma told me the other day to do what I can now to fill the time and do things I want because once you are here it is your time for the next 18 plus years! 

Love you!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What would we do.......

Here were are another week closer to be holding you, loving you, With you everyday and spending all the important moments in life with you. 
Knowing how much we love you already Daddy & I started talking a week ago about what would happen to you if something happened to us? As of right now you go to your Grandparents, but they don't want you full time they want to be your grandparents.  They were wonderful parents to me the kind of parents that Daddy and I want to be to you. 

Where do we place you if something happens to us? My heart breaks to even think this, but we all know stranger things have happened so we want to be prepared. Where do we start? We talked to our Attorney the other day with a will and life insurance policy we go in the first part of May to get it all down officially.  

We have wonderful family that we could surly place you safely with. We have many great friends that we would feel the same way with you in their lives. I can tell you that this is what we want for you, we don't want you to go to family, for one reason, our families don't get along with each other & we would very much want you to spend time with these family members that love you equally. We want to make sure that you never stay un supervised with some people and others can have you over for the entire summer.  We want our dearest friends to still have you part of their lives & enjoy you without us here.  We want to make sure that you do the things that we would want you to do as if we were still here.  

I have a bucket list with things that daddy & I both want to make sure that in your 18 years in raising you that you are able to do these things, 

We want you to go camping alot especially to Kalaloch. This is a place that has been so special to Mommy and your Papa Franks family. This is where the love of camping & the love of being with my grandparents grew even more.  

We want you to travel as much as you can, to travel and be able to see as much as the world ( that is safe) as you can. 

We want you to find your own way to a religion that you choose to be part of, I don't care what you choose as long as you are safe. Try them all and find the one that speaks to your spirit. 

Daddy would like you to learn how to cook, clean and take care of yourself.  To finish what you start, no matter what it is you can't give up. 

If you start baseball and half way though the season you want to quit, unless its causing you harm in any way you must follow through. we want you to enjoy all sports even if you can't play like mommy, we would love for you to try anything and everything that you can. 

You can't get tattoos until you are 21 ( you will change 100 times between your 18th birthday and your 26th birthday wait till all those or most of those changes happen don't get one!) 

You can not date a 40 year old when you are in your 20!!  
Marry for love not money, even though the money part would be easier the love is more important. Do what Daddy & I did and marry your best friend. 

We want you to have your Daddy's sister Auntie Tina take you around Bainbridge and show you all the places we once lived, played and where you grandma and grandpa Cragerud lay at rest. Make sure she tells you all the amazing traditions our family had. She will show you where he went to school, played. & truly enjoyed his childhood on the Island. 

I want you to go with your Grandma & Papa Longmate and be part of the family, there is truly nothing that means more to me. then be a part of your history. 

The love of our animals we want you to love animals as well. start small with a gold fish or hamster and learn what having something that relys on you.  Be kind to all animals, then they will be kind to you. 

Last one for today, I am sure I will think of many many more to list but your best friends are much more important then your boyfriend or girlfriend. The greatest heart break you will ever feel is the loss of a friendship. The guy/girl that you date in school will almost 99.9 percent will not be the person you marry and have a life with this is important for you to know, learn something from every relationship that you are in and take that with you. 

So with that we think we know who we want you to be with. We want you to be with two of our best friends, they have children, and have great jobs, they raise their kids close to the way in which we would want to raise you. They would teach you so much about us, being that they know so much about us and love us anyway. Over the years this is the "bonus" family you will be part of you will know them as Uncle & Auntie. We will travel with them, we will camp with them, we will have slumber parties and you will do things with Daddy & Uncle like sports & starwars and Mommy & auntie will teach you how to shop & enjoy theater and the arts!  Between the four of us and the other kids you will learn so much and be such a loved little person. You wont just have us cheering you on with all that you do but will be cheered on by Auntie & Uncle. We would say their name in this post but we will be going to them and asking what we would like them to do for us.

Now this isn't going to happen but we will always be prepared with how we want to have things set up for you! We love you baby G always and forever your heart belongs to me. 

I know that they will protect you and they will make sure that your family has a big part of your lives as well. That is important to us. They are close with most of your family already and over the next few months they will get to know them all so much more. 

Love you,