Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My quest to be the best mommy.

Dear Babies, 

I'm sitting here thinking of what kind of mommy I am going to be. Reading a ton of books and thinking of what I can do to become the best savvy mommy that you can have.  I'm wanting to try to keep the lifestyle that we had when we were both working full time. 

This means I'm going to be a coupon clipping diva! Trying hard to do the extra steps to save money in places that will be leaving us extra money in other places to help out in our families budget. 

I'm always looking for all the deals I can find for the nursery, for the toys you play with, clothes you wear, things for the house! I think in the house we have bought maybe a hand full of things new the rest have been on craigslist,garage sales, or event good will. 

I'm a thrifty person and now I am going to be thrifty even more.  In a world where its hard to make ends meat and the economy is horrible for every single person. With us bringing two new lives into the world we have to be more thrifty then we ever have been in our lives. 

People are such naysayers. These are things I am going to do, give it my all.  We will be using cloth diapers!!! Yes I will be. I have ran into many people including your Daddy that don't want me to do this, but when I look at the total cost and what it does to the environment, now I am not a tree hugging garnola. But I do think that everyone should do their part. With that being said, my twins if they are anything like this side of the family they will shit ALOT! So it is only really a small thing to do to help the earth leave two huge diaper filled landfills. 
Then next thing I'm going to do is make all my own baby food. When we go visit your auntie Allie in Eastern Washington we will get fruit and veggies. I will be learning to can fruit and veggies, I will be buying a food dehydrator and doing what I can to save food by dehydrating. Also I'm going to put together a cooking group where 12 of us ladies will get together once a month and make 2 different dishes x 12 so we can have meals pre-pared for most of the month.  I know that this will help us and other families as well. 

I will be the crazy coupon lady and have found some really great friends that blog and I am super excited to learn these wonderful things. We did our first savings and I got BBQ sauce and laundry soap for free! 
I will share what I get deals on and my savvy-ness 

I hope you will continue to watch me grow as a better person in my quest to being the best mommy I can be. 

+Love you,
   Mommy +


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hun you make me cry, what a beautiful post and what you have put out for them to read later in life is wonderful!

HUGS sweets I love your going to make your own baby food! XOXO

mmbear said...

You will be fine once you have that baby, it all falls into place. I am a new follower thru the blog hop and following you thru GFC. I love the little things hanging from the sides, especially the one that says Baby. I would love a follow back when you get a chance. Take care and it will all come together.


LadyGen said...

Reading your blog makes me smile so big! I'm thrilled for you, that this is going SO smoothly. And I'm secretly thrilled that you're planning on cloth diapering too. Heehee. Make sure you say as much before your baby shower, or you'll get packs upon packs of sposies! (I know it seems like SO much extra work, especially with twins, but it's so easy. One of these days you'll have to come over and I'll walk you through my/Quinn's routine.)

And making your own baby food! Go you! You'll be a tree hugging hippie in no time, lol. ;)

Love you!

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