Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Babies, 

Well we have been so busy with Doctors appointments. 
Family get together, Holidays, birthdays, 
All these wonderful events that summer seems to bring. 
Baby A 

We are fast coming into the 12th week.
Two weeks ago we had a scare and Chrystal had to 
stay a few hours in then ER because of some bleeding.
They didn't want to tell me in fear I would freak out....
well I held it together until I talked to my Mom, 
then I lost it. 
Baby B
I learned alot more about the two of you when you were 
in the ER that day. We thought 
baby A was so much bigger then Baby B.
Then we found out that Baby B is normal size and is very healthy...
Baby A is 2 days ahead of baby B!
This is going be so fun to watch.

Our next appointment is on July 11th and we can't wait. 


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