Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Babies,                 

What do you think you will be?
 We got the news of what you two are today.
I am now the proud Mommy of 
two twin boys!!!

We have names picked out but we are not going to share them
everyone I know is having baby boys so we are 
not wanting our names to be stolen. 

So until the boys are born
they will be known as 
Edward & Jacob :) 
Yes I am a twilight freak :) 
until I was told that the boys were boys, I didn't know how much I wanted to be a mommy to two boys. I am such a girlie girl that I thought I wanted pink princess and barbies and dolls and girls weekends. I thought that is what I wanted until I was told..............
You are the proud mommy to be of two boys....
then all I could think of was
Star wars, Camping, ball games, building forts, 
toy cars and trucks, 
Pirates & Cowboys, 
Sleeping under the stars.
raising little men into men that treat their wives 
in the way that they should. 
I do promise that these two boys will be MAMA's boys! 
Now I wouldn't want anything buy these two boys! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dear Babies, 

I seem to find that time is going by so fast!
I use to think that I would have a ton of time to write. 
Well the past few weeks seem like they have flown by in a blur. 

It's summer time isn't that the meaning of the relaxing season? 
to soak up the sun, 
go on long car rides, 
lay around at the beach and read?

Well this summer I have not been able to one of those things.
My husband works for a state company that hasn't hired in 
two years and with more and more people retiring 
there isn't enough people to cover shifts at his work, 
so this summer we haven't done anything we planned to do.

We wanted to have this last summer filled with things we loved to do just us. 
You know before the babies get here.
So I want to plan a weekend in October for Hubs & I
to get away one last time before the rush
of the twins! 

When I write those last two words I giggle. 
The Twins! 
I am so blessed.

Tomorrow is our next appointment for the babies I will post the pics and tell you all about it tomorrow.