Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our love story.......

Our love story started in 1978 when we were both 6 months old. When we were waiting with our Mom’s to get our 6 month pictures taken. This will be the first of many near misses. 
1982 came around and our moms took a garden class at the old Bainbrige Gardens where now the Chevron station stands. I played with a little boy and a his younger sister, thinking back at it & talking to his mom and mine, it came to me that Chris was the little boy I was playing with. 

The next one was in 1995, I was in the 11th grade he was a senior for a quarter, at North my high school then he transfered back to Bainbridge.  During that time he was in 1st period, & sat right next to my best Friend Tiffany, who at the time was dating his best friend Kevin. We never met the entire time that he was in her class. To make it crazier we were in the same class room area with just a small wall between us. TIffany didn’t want to introduce Chris and I, she thought he wouldn’t have been my type! :)
In 1997 I was working in the Galley on the morning shift on the Bainbridge to Seattle run. He went through my ferry line at least once a week, never noticing him or him noticing me this went on for a year. 
Finally in 1999 I had been working as a ferry worker when in walked Chris. 
I was able to show him around and when I met him for the first time my heart skipped a beat. I was together with someone else and he was as well. Working together we became the best of friends. 
I found out about some serious health problems, the same time that Chris’s first marriage ended.  I was told I need a hysterectomy and he was there bringing me flowers and visiting me the very next day. More health problems came my way.  Life went on and I moved into my first place while still sick Chris would get soup & come check on my fire to make sure that I had a warm house. over each day that we spent together, movies at home with a dinner he cooked me, a trip to Seattle to go to a game or go shopping. No matter what it was we did it together. Before long we were madly in love!  
On Christmas eve, my Grandma’s family get together all of us under one roof, all 228 of us!!! We still keep growing.... When Santa called me up to get a gift, thinking my Dad was trying to make me turn bright red in front of Chris and nothing else,  everyone must have known because there were about 100 cameras taking pictures. Now Santa handed me a beautiful box at the same time Chris got on one knee and asked me to be his wife, his best friend and his partner in crime.
That May we got married at the Forever Grand Chapel in Las Vegas. It was perfect although not to many people were able to come to the wedding we had a nice reception back home. Next year we are hoping that we will go back and celebrate our ten year down there!! 
Always wanting to become parents but knowing  that we couldn’t, we looked at many avenues and road blocks came up every single time. With my health problems we just couldn’t become parents.  Always a void in our hearts we were happy to be Auntie & Uncle to many children, but it never felt like our hearts were full. 
With our 9 years of marriage we have obeyed our vows, at times we have been poor, rich, in good health and poor, have had good times and bad, We have owned a home, lived with my parents, and moved right around 17 times. Always doing what we needed to do for our family of two. No matter what we have laughed though tears. The entire time side by side with our love for one another never weakened  
but it made us and our relationship stronger. 
Friday we go in to the PNW Fertility clinic. Together with my Cousin Chrystal her sister and my best friend Erin, and my husbands best friend Jeff, to do our transfer of our Embryos. A gift from God, learning in December that they had saved my eggs before they did my Hysterectomy!!! Chris was a green like with his part & a few weeks later our babies were made. Now we get to watch the spark of out child being conceived in Chrystal’s womb. In 9 months we will be able to hold that child of ours we have always wished upon a star for. No other man in the world would I want to be a father of my baby. 
We are soulmates made to raise a little human together. To complete our family of two to become a family of four!! 


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