Sunday, May 8, 2011

My first Mothers day!!! (waiting)

Dear Baby G, 

Today was Mothers day & it meant more today then it ever has. Before It was just another day, A day that I thanked my own Mom.
My mom and I are so close and I can't wait until the three of us or four of us are able to be close. To spend days like today together.  
I was so humbly & honestly surprised by all of the people that text me , emailed, or called me today. These people I have in my life that took the time out and who made it a point to reach out to me this Mother's Day. the sweetest card from the Hub's today made me cry & bust full of emotions on what my life is going to be like a year from now. He told me that his hearts greatest desire is finally happening by him having a baby with me. We are so amazingly in love, anyone that knows us or has seen us together knows we are soul mates. To raise a baby together will be amazing. 

I was able to spend the morning with Chrystal ( baby oven) As I sat there I got pretty choked up, because of her this time next year I will be able to hold my own baby or babies.  This isn't something that I ever thought would happen to Chris and I.   

It's crazy to believe that this will be my last Mother's Day spent lounging for quite a while & nothing makes me happier. It's also amazing what kind of new perspective I had today on the holiday as a whole.  Mothers are amazing people, you know it!  They do so much for us, and so much of who we are is taken from them.       

 I can't even begin to list all the sacrifices my own mom made for me growing up. For years she wore those awful mom jeans & a red sweatshirt, was known as Stacey's Mom or Franks Wife. My mom was able to be a second mom to most of my friends. Teaching me that as long as the two of us always talked to eachother we would be fine. 
Because of that I am just so, so blessed. Not everyone can say that their best friend is truly their Mom. My mom's relationship with her own mom was a little rocky and not a warm and close relationship. So when she raised me she made it so we would be close & best friends. I will do the same thing for my babies.  I can only hope to be a fraction of the mom she was for me. 

I love you.


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