Monday, May 9, 2011

The Babies are Transfered

Dear Baby G, 

Last Friday we went in for your transfer, of you babies!
WE jumped into the car and off we went, Daddy and I, Chrystal & Bon, Erin and Jeff.  We found a parking spot without a hitch this time. Now we just had a hard time paying through the new meter. What a pain in the rear. So here I was nervous already and we sit here playing with the money to feed the meter. 

After we rode up on ten floors to get there ( it did seem like it took 2 days to take that trip) Due to the fact that someone need to get off or get on from each floor. DROVE ME NUTS!

We got settled in the waiting area. The Transfer waiting area, Of course the more stressed out that I feel the louder I get, having to tell jokes and make everyone laugh.. So just because of that  I really thought that I was on a roll! 

The Doctors had told us that we could bring family and that they could watch the transfer from the other room, planning on that we had Uncle Jeff & Auntie Erin come with us as well. Uncle Jeff for Daddy and Auntie Erin for me! They couldn't go in because another family was also getting their babies transfered that day! Daddy and I got go in so we were happy! I would have kicked Uncle Bon if need be :) 

We sat in the room and we were told the entire time everything step by step.  Chrystal was a trooper holding her pee for almost two hours!!! Now we got to see the Spark with each transfer! It was amazing. Now no matter what I want both of you! On that screen were both my babies, my DNA, my heart, all of Daddy's DNA & his heart.  At that moment it was clear it might be a lot of work but at the end of this 9 months I hope and pray to God that I get to hold you both in my arms. 

Poor daddy's pocket book if you are both girls. :) Here is your first picture of the two of you! It made me cry and I have this picture on the fridge! The first of many things I will post on the fridge as a proud  mama!



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