Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A special girl needs our help.....

This little girl is from my home town. A local family that most everyone knows or knows someone that is connected to this adorable girl. I emailed and asked Carmen's mommy Jaci's best friend. Leslie if it was okay to write a post about Carmen. I know that this is going to be a long road but I would love to make everyone that reads my blog help in anyway that they can. As a mom now myself I just feel for Jaci. Jaci and I have many friends in common. The two of us have had a few conversations, she is a wonderful mom, friend to many and just all around a loved lady. I wish no little girl or boy would ever have to go through any type of cancer. No mommy should have to watch their baby go through this as well. Here is some information to catch you up. I will post updates here and there. One thing we can all do is Pray. Pray that God holds Carmen, and her family and friends and just brings peace and calmness to all of them. That the cancer goes away fast and will be healed fast. Please feel free to share this story but please make sure that you Email Leslie and don't bombard the family directly.  To Contact Leslie Burns call her at 360.620.5084 She is acting as the Liaison for the family.

"Care For Carmen"!! Support this little girl and her family through their fight to conquer cancer!!
After having surgery to remove a small mass in Carmen's upper abdomen we were told that our hopes of it being a benign cyst were crushed. The surgeon found blue cells which were a sign that cancer is present in her little body. Seattle’s Swedish Hospital did the pathology on the mass and diagnosed her with Extraosseous Ewing’s Sarcoma; a rare form of cancer that occurs in the muscles and soft tissue. Carmen’s tumor was 2cm in diameter which suggests it was discovered in its early stages. The cancer was localized and fully removed during that first surgery.

Jaci, Todd, Carmen and Leah have a long, scary road ahead. Carmen will have an IV surgically inserted into her shoulder after which her doctor has prescribed 30-36 weeks of chemotherapy treatments which will entail 2-5 day stays at the hospital happening every 2 weeks. In between treatments Carmen will be at an incredibly high risk for infection and must be admitted to the hospital within an hour should she develop a fever.

Carmen has strength unlike any of us. She is ready to fight this cancer and has taken the news of it in stride. Missing her friends at school is tremendously saddening for her as she loves her classmates dearly but finding out that the hospital has a school she can be a part of has made her feel somewhat better. Her attitude remains upbeat and her smile continues to light up every room. Jaci and Todd have faced this cancer head on and will continue to do so. Their own strength obviously comes from a family connected deeply by love and support for one another.

We will post more updates as they come. For now, please share this page to ensure as much exposure to “Caring For Carmen” as possible; you never know who will come across this journey and be able to help! We want to create a cushion of love and support for the Garringer's as they tackle this. All donations will be incredibly appreciated as will be well wishes, prayers and time. Please show your support for this beautiful family and sweet little girl as they endure the most challenging phase of their lives.

Follow this Caring for Carmen Facebook Page. page for continued updates and how you can help!! Please also feel free to go to her CaringBridge 


 (updated 1/10/2013)


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Aw, what a beautiful little girl. I hope she recovers 100% and that this whole thing just brings her family closer together. Alana (n

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