Monday, February 4, 2013

SIck in my house............

Sorry for the large delay in posts. First the Little's were sick then me, then hubs, both kids again, now I think we are finally turning the corner. Just when they are all three asleep and I have a minute to myself I realize I better lay down as well.......One of the littles would get up in the middle of the night not feeling well, or being awakened by big foot fattie that lives above us. Holly sh*t balls she is a monster. I do not mean looks wise but I think that the Shrek family must live above us!!! All hours of the day STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Next door to us there is a young "in love" couple and they are gone all the time. The sad thing is that they leave their "puppy" a very large Chocolate Lab home alone to cry and whimper. They fight alot and "make up alot" if you know what I mean.  We have another neighbor that has a car alarm that goes off everynight right after bed time. It wouldn't matter if we put the boys to sleep at a different time. We have tried all kinds of times and it never fails. Almost like the jerks have a baby cam set up to piss me off.

What has been pissing me off the most about my rude neighbors happens to be the fact that the noises freak B out. Little things that sound different or have a new sound he has never heard before. It is hard to try and figure it all out and what as his mother I can do about it. Sometimes there comes the point where we can not console him. It Just breaks my heart.  On the other hand he has been improving in so many other ways......

We've had a LOT of recent developmental developments in our house lately. Brock has been cruising really well for awhile, but in the past week or so he has started pulling up & Climbing everywhere..... We've found him standing in the crib in the mornings!!

But the biggest development - B is walking pretty much all over, All of his therapists said he wouldn't since he was pretty random and could cruise but not really do it all on his own.....His right side is pretty weak. But our little man showed them. He uses his left side and I am pretty sure that he will be a rock climber in a few years.

I will be taking him in to his doctor that specializes in his Cerbal Palsy. They uped his meds because he is in a bit of pain after he wakes up from him morning nap. As he walks and trys so hard to keep up with his brother.  Mid afternoon he is so sore and his pain is often unbearable to watch. I know there is a time when he wont be in pain any longer, I just hope that time comes sooner rather then later.



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