Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hit and run and tears!

Dear Baby G, 

Monday was the day of laughs and tears! Auntie Chrystal & I went to the Clinic again for the 4th ultrasound.. We got on the road at 7:00 AM got in the ferry lane and waited to drive on board. The same paper guy selling the news from a front pack. Never stopping he goes up and down the lanes on the dock. 

We drove up the steep hills of Seattle the same route we take every week, this time I didn't slip as we went up because of the rain and poor traction on the tires.  Again as if it was ground hogs day, I went to the side road and parked... wait a second I need to explain what parked meant. I tried to park in a sight that I had to park in between two other parked cars.

 It took my 6 or 7 times to make it, then panic set in with a car trying to get past me.  I very so slightly hit the car behind me!! Now I threw it into park & we just laughed and laughed almost until the point that we peed our pants. One thing is for sure it was a good thing you weren't in Auntie's tummy or she really would have peed her pants. Yes if you must know the Alarm was beeping and bleeping like we just tried to steal the hope diamond from the Titanic.  

We got to the waiting room & two minutes later they called us back. when our Doctor came in the room we had a little girl talk. This is the first time we have seen in two months. We got started & we were so quiet waiting for her to say once again that it wasn't ready.... You could hear a pin drop and our hearts pounding! 

Then with a big smile she said it looked perfect!!!!!!!!!! Then we sat down in Resa's office and she made our date for the Transfer! Sitting there trying to remain collected All of a sudden I couldn't keep it in.
All of a sudden, tears were running down my cheeks, it felt like a dam had been broke. Of course that set the ball in motion and Auntie was crying now as well.  With the news Resa gave us she told us that we will be making you next Friday!!!!! I am super excited to have these next few weeks behind us. 

I know it feel like time is standing here, sitting here waiting is going to kill me! Perhaps this is the big reason why I am filling the days to the brim with so many wonderful things for me to do. 

Love you little one! <
Mommy :)


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