Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little set back....

Dear Baby G, 

Hello little one. Today Chrystal & I went to the Doctor to check everything out. We got on a little bit later ferry boat the 7:05 AM. After our first visit we decided to stop and get a muffin or two, then grab a coffee and visit on the 35 minute ferry ride. 

We drove up the steep hills of down town to Seattle, to the side street coin parking, found the same spot we always get to park in. Then we made our way up to the 10th floor. 

This waiting room has been a place we have spent many hours in, sitting there and waiting, for all the things we need to learn, the hours waiting to see if things worked, and for all the hours it took to make you into you! 

We have been working with Resa Schell the ARNP and Our DoctorLora Shahine, who is amazing. When you feel like you are going to be meeting up with two of your girlfriends for coffee that is when you know you have been to the best place to make babies.... 

We went to this appointment to check to see that things in the "Oven" were quiet and thick. Well things were quiet but not thick, so now Chrystal has to give herself even more shots and take even more med's. I hate that she has to do more medicines. 

So feeling a little down when we left the Doctors office, we are now two weeks behind what we thought but we do have new dates and we are all happy about them, So you are going to be coming out of the Oven a little longer your due date is now 1/14/12 :) unless you are two then you are due 12/24/11. 

I know one thing, next week we go in on Thursday & they will tell us everything is perfect so we will go back in a week, and the transfer will happen. No matter what we are so excited to have you and this is going to teach Mama that I need to be patient. I am so not good at that. 

Love you!


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