Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Filling some time.

Dear Baby G, 

By this time next week we have our last Ultrasound, for a while.. 
Then some pretty exciting things happen after that. We are making some changes around the house, I'm giving up my big craftroom/office and trading it for the Nursery/guest room. A place that when Daddy has to work a night shift or a early shift and your not being quiet I can stay with you.  I look forward to laying in bed watching you sleep. I think my favorite time of day is when we take a nap together.  

We have been hearing a lot of wonderful baby news over the past few weeks. so many of our friends and family are having babies right around the same time as we are having you. I'm looking forward to baby play dates. We will have some really fun times with all your new friends! 

We know what we are going to name you! We have names for a boy and for a girl. We wont tell the world yet but closer to your due date. 
The Nursery has me planning and planning some more. I have the colors now I just need to work out the theme. I'm pretty excited for all these fun things. I really wish your Auntie Amy & Auntie Tina lived closer. It would be fun to do these things with them..  I have so many questions. 

I started doing your family history on your Daddy's side this week we thought that it would be a great thing to do while we are waiting for you. As a freelance writer it might be something fun for me to be able to research about history. I think it will be fun to share this with your Auntie Tina & the rest of the family as well. There isn't alot that your Daddy and his brothers and sisters know about the G side but this will be a wonderful thing that can help our family become even closer. I think it would be so much fun to do this together. 

It's spring time & We went and got some pretty flowers, I'm doing so many things in the yard. Your Daddy is adding a patio and I'm going to work all summer putting away some money so that we can have a play house and swing set for you to play on. I know we have a long time till you can play on them but we do have your cousins that would enjoy it till you are ready. Daddy says he wants you to have a baby swing this time next year.  I know that I'm doing whatever I can to make this time pass as we are waiting for you.  Grandma told me the other day to do what I can now to fill the time and do things I want because once you are here it is your time for the next 18 plus years! 

Love you!


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