Saturday, January 11, 2014

What makes me love blogging.

                         I started to blog to keep me busy while I was sick. It grew into so much more then that to me. It became a very large part of who I am. Apart of me that grew a brand and took me to several different areas in my life. For the first time I felt like instead of look in at my life in black and white, that with blogging I was able to truly begin to see in a new light. Like the feeling that life was in HD.  

                          I work on my blog everyday during periods of time when the boys nap and at night time, after I tuck my three men in for the night . I look forward to both of the those times all day long.  I get to travel places and do hotel reviews about what I loved or what I didn't love. I get to be honored with people sending me their items that they sell for me to be lucky enough to review their products and then I blog about what I thought of them. I have been able to also review the most amazing Plays and theater.  I get people to buy ad space that my readers click on to direct them to the sponsors website. 

                           Another thing I love about blogging is all the friendships that I have made over the years, all the amazing contacts I have made.  The community that bloggers become is such a close knit group. Even for the billions of people that blog. I know we all blog for different reasons and to share our stories to the public is a piece of your soul.  My other blog Kingstongirl  was an amazing blog and it taught me so much opening so many doors, but the Kingstongirl blog was all business and not to many personal things.  I left it behind for a fresh start. So I closed that chapter of my life. I will always think of it as my first born. 

                    I wanted a new beginning to share all of my scary mommy moments, the journey of that, what I am going through at this second with being a mommy. Adventures in the NICU, all the visits to the hospital and over night stays. Having a child that has Cerebral palsy & seizures that we are working so hard to figure out. I want to share those things with you all as my readers, my friends, and my community.  I want to share all of my stories the good the bad and the ugly. This is my life but If I can help even one mom or Dad to make them feel like they aren't alone then that is what I think I was born to do. 

                            So stay with me on this long and amazing journey. This is what you can depend on to see in my posts: I will write about Mommyhood, the everyday life I live as a mom, & wife. I will also have you peeing your pants and cry because you are laughing so hard.  This blog won't be PG 13 at times. I will use the words that some people get their mouths washed out with soap for.  
I will do reviews for products that as moms or children you really need to know about. I will do DIY crafts, I will be re doing my entire house to make it look fresh and new. I will share recipes and tell you what I did and what I thought.  I will go to play areas, museums, and restaurants to be able to let you know as my readers what I think of them. 

                                So if you have a product, business, Food, book, toys, or any hotel/B&B/Inn's that you want me check out please contact me.  My promise to you all is that my content will be truthful and funny. There will be times that I will be sad and that is what you will read about I will be sharing every single emotion that I have, This blog is for me to bare my soul and to just be real.  Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please leave comments or questions!!!  & as I am hard at work to get my new blogger name out in the cyber world I would love for you to share this with as many people you know that would enjoy it. 


Mama :) 


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