Saturday, January 25, 2014

Three Ring Circus Thursday....

So today I feel like a shit-hole parent. Before I had the babies I thought this was going to be a walk in the park and that a twin was such a bonus. One of my best friends (that I never get to see anymore because of said twins) Steph, is a beautiful mommy of twins herself. 
I remember telling her that we were going to have a baby and that we were going to transfer two embryos! That I felt like I was a mom of twins already... She said in her sweet way (telling me I was bat shit crazy in a nice way.) was, "Well, they are hard work but so worth it! But, babe be careful what you wish for."  I was shocked and totally thought that she was being a debbie downer. 
Nope she was so so right! I love that girl so much!
Now my friends, I say the same thing. When I hear people say that  they wish that they could have twins or more I am like "girl, be careful what you wish for. I thought it was gonna be easy and its the hardest shit I have ever done."  
Life has been a crazy whirl wind and my little guys make it full of laughs (and tears.) Like today we were going to go to a playdate.... I just can't muster up the strength in going to playdates like I did before. Getting two, two year olds to be ready to go anywhere is a nightmare, feed, dress, change them, chase them around and then do it all over again because as soon as I am almost ready to load them up, one of them has crapped their pants and we have to strip him back down, change him, re dress him and then we are out the door. I swear I feel like I am running a three ring circus.. just to get them outside in the stroller or mini van. 
Did I mention that both boys, (especially Brock) looses his shit every single time he has to go in my van.  I just look at him and every time he starts to get upset I say. " Dude, I so wish that I was driving a 2014 Land Rover but instead I am driving a broke down 1999 Chrysler Mini van....With more dents then the streets of Tacoma?!" with my big brown eye roll! 
I can't wait till their teenagers and they have to drive this mini van. I am totally tempted to make us keep it and give this to them on their 16th birthday! 
I would be the worlds meanest mom! Hummmm maybe I should keep the van forever and really embarrass them on special occasions that they want to be so bad ass in front of their buddies or girls that they are dating.... When we find the girls that don't care they are driving the hoop-di- then those are the girls that are the keepers! 


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