Friday, March 8, 2013

Family is forever.

                 We all have times in family where you just need a break. 
Where you feel like there is no other answer besides to walk away. 
To just stop and let go. 
The thing is that I was raised this way...
I was raised to love my family, almost to a fault. 
There is almost nothing that would effect me so much that 
I would stop talking to family for the rest of my life. 

The only thing I can think of is if Someone touched my babies. 
There wouldn't be a weapon needed I would kill the person that touched 
them with my bare hands. 

We had a family member that we didn't talk to for years because they 
made choices to do drugs. 
Along with that came even more bad choices. 
Seeing what it did to my Grandparents.
This family member changed their life and after YEARS of being gone, 
they are now in our lives. 
We have all reunited and have become a family. 
Forgiveness is so hard. 
I see it that if God can forgive us, 
so well and so full of love that we need to try it as well. 

Feelings get hurt, things get said in the heat of a fight. 
When this happens we need to forgive. 
We need to realize that life is so short. 
Why be filled with a void. 

I always feel like if I don't talk to my family, days will go by and then weeks, then someone might no longer be here. 
I couldn't go a day without telling my parents and my Nana and Poppie and my babies how much I love them. 
NOT One Day will pass without them knowing......
 "they" say Family is Family, this is so very true!!
I'm so that I have never missed a moment in their lives. 


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