Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I feel so blessed to have not one but three 
out of four grandparents still alive today.  
My Dad's parents lived only a few doors down when I was growing up
I have always thought of them as my second set of Parents. 
This is how I see my Mom and Dad with the boys... 
They only live a little ways away. They come and visit almost everyday.

My Grandma Mom (My Mom's mom) worked full time when I was growing up
My Grandpa died when I was 4. 
His death set loose a series of events that I wont get into 
but it really was hard on my moms family. 
My Grandma had to do everything on her own and keep the house still running. When I was about 14 she married her husband, along with him came his son and in my heart they are my uncle and Grandpa.  
The two of them made our family feel so complete

I'm trying to teach the boys as they grow up how important and loved they are by their Great Grandparents

Here are some pictures of the boys and their GG's.
We will treasure these moments forever....

My Dad's Mom (Nana) with B

Nana with F. 
My Dad's Father (Poppie) with F.
My Mom's mother (Grandma Mom) with F. 
four Generations on my mom's side. 


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