Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I use to go to Black Friday every year.  Last year with the boys in the hospital I was a little sad that I couldn't go. This year however I have completely changed my outlook on the entire Black Friday thing.  I wont be going do the Black Friday thing anymore.
Instead the hub's and I decided that we would make gifts for the people that we need to get gifts for. If we do buy some Christmas gifts, we will do it on the small business Satuday. For the boys we put presents on layaway for the boys, limiting the amount of gifts we get them. They will be getting 1 big gift a each, stocking stuffers, and a few little things that I will find and buy with the credit I have at the local childrens consignment shops. Hub's and I are on a $50.00 cap on what we can get eachother. Making the money from selling something we no longer need or want on Craigslist. The other rule is that we will find a gift that is in a theme.
For his gift this year it will be a start to a new hobby & it will be something over time he can do with him and the boys. I wont put it on in case for the one time he reads my blog without me asking him too!
This year going to the zoo lights, taking a trip in the evening to look at lights, making cookies, and crossing off our Holiday bucket list. ( I will post that on November 30th) I would love to know what your holdiay bucket list is. What are some thrifty things you do for your holidays.
Happy No Black Friday Day!


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