Monday, November 19, 2012

Mommy Moment! Poop!

Today the boys and I stayed home. It was a typical day but the rain we a little bit much. We live in Washington we are use to the rain. We are also use to the flooding. Well they were acting on the news stations that we were getting the storm of the decade. Like we are in competion with the East Coast. It kind of makes me shake my head at that and the fact that everyone was complaining
the heat and sun we had, up until the middle of October. Well I hope that they are all happy now! I would love to tell them to be careful for what they wish for it might just come true.

With it being the down pour that it was, the boys and I were stuck inside. This is something I know that will be happening alot. Today they get into everything. I am juggling the two kids. The picture above is so how I feel daily! In a day I think I say "F stop that." and "B stop that." oh and I am now saying this just as often, "Get down from there" or "Don't climb on that" and I say "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" alot.

I didn't even get dressed today, ( Yes this means a Bra! The ladies were hanging low today due to the fact I didn't wear a bra. My hair didn't get a brush through it. Hell the people around me should have felt blessed that I brushed my teeth. ( Yes there have been days I have gone all day without!) Don't judge!! Itis a crazy busy life with two very busy boys one that can crawl faster then a speeding bullet. The other can walk!! So that means my house looks like a baby gate junk yard. MY OCD is on over drive!

So I get ready to just relax, blog a little and I look down and on my shirt, Thinking it could be Poop or maybe chocolate. Now pre-mommy life I would have never done this. I look at it, I rub it between my pointer finger and thumb, I then pull it up to my nose and smell it, after that I then ready for this.............................................

I lick it! With out a second thought to see what it is. WHO DOES THIS!!! Oh yes that would be me. The mommy to the two most adoreable baby boys. Yeah the one that has no bra on, no shower, no burshed hair. With that being said. I am going to go brush my teeth, and take a shower and pray to God giving him praise that is was Chocolate from a few days ago when I had hot coco and a chocolate chip muffin. With that being said, I still need to worry about myself that I didn't think twice to lick what could have been poop!!

Have a great night! Check back tomorrow for a fun recipe! :) I promise that I will wash my hands clean before I start touching the food.


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