Saturday, July 20, 2013

So lucky I am to be a twin MOM!

As a first-time mom, I got my ass handed to me with twin newborns. It was a hard year. Once we got past the one year mark and we saw some things getting easier....then the cold and flu season started. My boys go to the Doctors more then three times a week now, it did slow down They were sick all… the… time. RSV, ear infections, vomiting viruses, random fevers, colds, they caught it all. And then there were and still are the worries about developmental delays and Brock's CP.... I promised to write very openly about our experiences on my blog and even more honest about the difficulty of twins with my real-life friends. 

I’ve always been very honest.  I’m not the type to say, “Being a twin mom is the BEST thing to EVER happen to me EVER!!!” But that’s what I think.... I honestly believe having twins has been the biggest blessing of my life. Some days, I am stunned at how much love I have in my heart for both my boys. Sometimes they hug each other or laugh together and I can’t believe this is my life. I hear them call each other “bubba ” and I feel all melty and weepy and I wish everyone could see the instant replay in my head. Because having twins is the best thing I have ever been blessed with. 

          Here they are my favorite things about being a twin mommy...... 

 * Listening to the boys talk to each other over the monitor after they go to bed has lifted me up so many times when I’ve had a rough day. Their sweet little voices talking about their toys and their twin talk, oh it makes my heart overflow.

 * I pretty much feel like I can accomplish anything after surviving that newborn period. Bring it, 3 year old tantrums!! BRING IT! <3


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