Friday, July 26, 2013

Having fun even on the hard days....

There are days as a mom that it can just be to much. To much of saying no, to much of saying get down, stop that, don't touch... and of course the famous word NO! There is also a part in which you and your spouse/partner become at times more like roommates. Two passing ships in the night.  You feel stressed and the because you know that they are the ones you can rip into and blow of steam and say the worst things to each other but at the end of the day you still love and need each other and love to much to not forgive and forget.  

We had a rough day yesterday. But half way though it I realized that the boys and I needed to laugh and giggle and have some fun. This is what raising boys is all about! This is what I wanted babies for. Because I am not going to remember what last weeks fight over Mac and Cheese was all about, but I and the boys will remember the time where we forgot everything else and laughed and had a fun time because I was silly enough to laugh at myself. 

I will always try to bring out some sunshine when our life has been a little covered with shade..... 


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