Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our Pirate Mickey Mouse Party!!

Part of the reason I wanted kids was to throw amazing parties. My goal is to wow all my friends and family and do it on a budget. This means that I have to start shopping and planning for their next birthday party in January. 
Having a good idea of the theme, place, date and time of the following
October/November party. 

It also means to make sure that we stay on point with the cash. My budget is usually $125 for each of the littles. You would normally pay that for one baby so doing one party together that makes my place budget for their party. We live in a small cute little cottage so right now we can't do it at our home. Outside in our yard wont work because you just never know what you are dealing with when it comes to the PNW weather. So this year we did it at this great place in Tacoma. Called the Frog and Kiwi cafe. 
It is the best place for toddlers to go and play. We also have made a ton of twin friends so we needed a place that all of the two year olds could play and be age appropriate and still fun with the parents. 

We Started with the invites. I found them on Etsy with 

We then made treat bags that I got at the local dollar store and used 
The Cricut cartridge Mickey. 
I added the Pirate headbands on them to go further with the theme.
We got all the party favor things at Hobby Lobby, 
and we got the best eye patches at Target. 

We got our cakes from the Bridgeport Albertson's. 
They did amazing and we even got the boys their
 own cupcake Mickey Mouse mini cakes.

They Enjoyed it so very much!!
We got our matching shirts from our friend April

                         Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun as well. 
Until next year!!! 


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