Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nothing to much new.......

Dear Baby G, 

Today I got to meet one of my favorite Authors, Kristin Hannah. The local author that did a book signing at the Loft in Poulsbo, My favorite book store put it on, the owner Suzanne is wonderful. I can't wait to take you to story time there. For you to pick out books when we go down town Poulsbo. My dream and hope is that we are able to show you the love of books. I hope that you will read fast like your daddy. Not slow like me. I love to read and throw myself into books but it does take forever to read cover to cover. 

Kristin Hannah, is from Bainbridge Island. Most of her stories are around the PNW. Her new book is has twins. Now we know that it is a very good chance that we might have twins. I have some pretty different feelings about having twins. 
I know this is a one time thing. That we have once chance to have this family, to have you. 

On one hand I love being an only child to not have to share anything or worry about fighting over my parents attention. I love the closeness we have. I wonder if I would have had a sister or brother if I would be as close with my parents? That finance's would be easier to raise one child. We could give you anything your heart desires to have. 

On the other hand, we again only get one time to build this family. In saying that I would love to have more then one child, for you to have someone to share things with, to have that rich family history and inside jokes that you would only be able to share with a sister or brother. That you wouldn't have to be alone in the world when your Daddy and I pass away. That you always have someone you can talk to about your Daddy & I and how messed up you are because of us. :) 

I know that Chrystal with her text book Uterus has a big chance with carrying twins. The best gift I will ever receive on your Daddy and my 9th wedding anniversary is to know if we are having one of you or two. So on May 20th that is when we find out if you are alone in there or if you have company in there with you. 

Sweet dreams my love,


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