Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY -V-day addition :)

This morning after I gave the boys their breakfast, I  cleaned them up and got the art stuff out! This is like playing Russian roulette. It could go well with a little mess or it could go like a bad tornado and the kitchen will have blobs of paint on the ceiling.  Today because of my love of Pintrest and found a few pins for the up and coming Love day!  I found printable valentines and this morning I went and printed them and cut them up.  

The ones we used I found on one of my favorite blog. Chic Shopper Chick this post has so many great FREE Valentines printables. I love when I get handmade things and I hope that the boys friends think so as well.( well two year old could give a crap less but their mom's I want to impress!) 
We are doing handmade ones with a added sucker for each kid we make them for. Then we will send them in the mail to their cousin in Colorado and their Aunties and Uncles and Grandparents and Great Grandparents, and special friends. These are just little things that I would love to see my boys learn. I want to try and teach them that a simple card will make someone smile and it is one thing that only takes a little while to make. It would be so nice to make sure that this lost art isn't lost with them. 
I have a babysitter lined up for that weekend for hubs and I to go on a date, but I am thinking we might do a family date night that Saturday.  I love this commercial hallmark holiday. I enjoy getting little things for hub's and for the boys. Each year it gets more fun now that I have had the boys.  
I will let you in on my ideas for a wonderful date on 
V-day with your spouse next week. 
So stay tuned. 


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